Custom Builds

If you are available to pick up the finished house we can build the house for you in our workshop for a fee.

Houses can be customised to your specification including wall papering and texturing.

If you wish us to build any of our houses it will cost you half as much as the kit again - Basements cost 70% of the full cost of the kit.

Basic painting of all the houses (including white on the windows and trim plus roof paper) also costs half of the price of the kit again. This presumes you have a single colour. If you wish for a different colour you should provide your own paint. We can decorate them as per the shop including brick and pavement papers but this takes more time and the cost increases. Any basement costs 70% of the cost of the kit to paint including black railings and pavement paper.

Internal decorating
Decorating is £20.00 per room (excluding materials) and includes fitting wooden mouldings and floor coverings if required. Each hallway counts as a separate room. (extra items such as panelling may be charged)

We will wire your house for £8.00 per light (excluding the cost of the light itself). You will also require a transformer.